If you’re anything like us, we try and give our home a bit of a clean come spring time. Maybe it’s the sun catching the marks on the windows that spurs us into action?

Sparkly clean glass in our windows and doors do look great, but how many of us clean the less obvious bits like the roller track in sliding doors or the sides and stays of windows? If you do – ka pai & well done! If not, it’s an easy thing to build into your cleaning routine and doesn’t take long.

When you clean the glass, run the vacuum cleaner along the bottom track of your sliding doors to clear out dust and debris. If it’s left to build up it will clog up your rollers in your door, making it harder to open, until eventually they will jam up completely and begin wearing down the track they run on.

While you’re there, run the vacuum across the top track too for cobwebs and dust stuck in your weather strip (the fluffy strip that runs around your door).

Don’t be tempted to spray heaps of oil about either as it attracts dirt and dust to both the rollers and track. If your track is dirty or has moss growing in the weather strip, a good old fashioned wash with hot soapy water is better.

The same goes for your windows – a quick lick of the vacuum cleaner does wonders, and there’s usually not as much grub around them as your sliding door.

And because it’s Halloween soon – here are some scary photos from jobs I have done recently!

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  1. Thanks Jim. Highly recommended. clear communications, arrived promptly, made a good professional job of repairing our door hinges, very reasonable price. What more can I say!!!!

    John (Heathcote)

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