Over the weekend I was called out to a local address that had a burglary.
They gained access through breaking the latches of an aluminium window, confirming insurer’s estimates that 60% of burglaries gain entry to your home through an insecure or open window.
All too easy really.
I spent an afternoon upgrading our own windows with security stays. Just like mechanic’s cars, and builder’s houses, you’ll fix other peoples problems before your own.
Security stays on your windows aren’t 100% burglar proof, but they help deter the opportunist burglar from accessing your home. It’s a major hassle for them.
Waimak Windows fit quality NZ made, stainless steel, Interlock security stays. They are unobtrusive and sit securely inside the frame. Unlike other face mounted types of stay, you can open your window with one hand and they don’t collect dust.
We also fit detachable stays with keys, to allow the window to open full width when necessary– ideal for bedroom windows that double as an emergency fire exit.
Window stays can provide peace of mind that your house is more secure while you’re busy out in the garden or the back of the house and you can still air your home.
We are currently running a promotion for Security Stays, supplied and fitted for only $20 each (+GST & service fee – windows wider than 70cms require two stays).
Ph Jim on 021 0688932 to arrange a visit.

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